AEMCC supply our own modular DESIGNED buildings

A key focus for our design team is ensuring our products are of an international standard.

In designing, manufacturing and supplying our camp solutions we aim to elevate the standards and outcomes of our clients and their staff by:
  • Improving living standards for employees
  • Reducing the ecological footprints of camps
  • Creating modular transportable buildings that perform at optimal levels in hot, cold and humid environments
  • Understanding and improving the life cycle costs of buildings
  • Reducing delivery times and project start dates through high level production
  • Optimising logistical capacity of buildings and reducing transport costs
  • Reducing energy consumption and adhering to environmental / carbon emission policies
  • Reducing commissioning / decommissioning times
  • Focusing on providing superior services and quality modular building systems whilst understanding the bottom line

Features and benefits

  • All modular transportable buildings have insulated walls, roofs and floors.
  • As a standard feature they also come fitted with cyclone rated double glazed windows and thermal doors with insulated frames.
  • The thermal design and quality of the buildings mean that the building is undertaking the major heating and cooling function.
  • By maintaining an internal temperature the design of the units have eliminated internal sweating which causes condensation, rot, mould and mustiness. The buildup of moisture in buildings reduces the useable lifespan of buildings and furnishings.
  • Keeping a dry internal environment makes the units very hygienic and most importantly comfortable for the occupants / users of these systems.
  • Modules are stackable with no need for additional reinforcement which can reduce site footprints and costs.
  • All modular buildings are extremely energy efficient and maintain a 7 Star + Energy rating throughout Australia.
Buildings can be easily linked together giving greater flexibility for demobilization and relocation time and time again.
Standard designs are available or we can customise to suit our clients’ needs.

Reduction of Environmental Impact

Our camp design and building methods enable our clients to significantly reduce the environmental impact during the installation, operation and demobilisation their camp without adding additional cost to their projects.


The correct design through consultation, orientation, stacking and layout of modular buildings can have a great impact on the footprint, footing encroachment and carbon used to install and live in the camp. We also offer a solar energy component which will further offset energy costs.


Our systems enable customers to return sites to their original green field state at a fraction of the cost of other camps.

European Production Line Manufacturing

Our factory maintains a strong focus on environmental production lines minimising waste, using biodegradable products and renewable energy consumption. There are many benefits to offsite high volume manufacturing of pre commissioned buildings in a controlled environment including:

  • Waste Reduction
  • Increases capacity to produce volume
  • Improves quality control
  • Improves the consistency of the finished product
  • Reduces commissioning times on site and ultimately dollars

Cost Comparison

We maintain a strong focus on being price competitive whilst simultaneously reducing our customer’s energy consumption, transport, and commissioning / decommissioning costs whilst providing a quality product. This combined with an asset that has a full 40 year life cycle, the ability to deliver projects early and occupant satisfaction makes investment into AEMCC systems extremely cost effective.

AEMCC products vary in cost depending on their purpose, options, quantity and point of delivery in the world.


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